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An exceptionally brandable name that's easy to spell, say, and remember. Just 5 letters long, Slixo could be the next big Internet brand. is available for purchase today.

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Why Buy Slixo?

  • was hand-picked because we believe it's better than 99% of all other domains targeting 'Slixo', and better than 95% of all names targeting this general niche.

  • offers excellent branding opportunities for a start-up or established commercial entity. It's short and unique, easy to spell and memorize, and it passes the 'Radio Test'.

  • 6

    Now 6 years old, was first registered on November 26th, 2008, and has been continuously registered since then. This domain age passes automatically to you as the new owner.

  • This great domain passes all the domain tests: is just 5 characters long, it passes the "Radio Test", it's easy to spell, and most of all it's imaginative and highly memorable.

  • .COM is the de-facto domain extension recognized by Internet users globally. You can use other domain extensions, but none offers the same potential or resale valuation as Slixo.COM.

  • A premium domain like can only appreciate in value over time, so you're investing in a real asset that you can re-sell at a profit in the future.

Domain Details

Domain name
Domain Keywords Slixo
Domain age 6 years
Current Registrar GoDaddy
Registration date November 26th, 2008
Domain length 5 characters
TLD extension .com
Sale type Make Offer
Domain Category Catchy Business Names
Short Names
5-Letter Names
Brandable Names
Industrial Names
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  • How Quickly Will I Receive the Domain?

    Once we confirm your payment we'll start the transfer process. The fastest way to transfer is via a 'registrar push'. This means transferring the domain to an account at the current registrar. You can also transfer your new name to another registrar of your choice, which usually takes 3-5 days. Don't worry - we'll provide assistance to complete the transfer.

  • Will You Help with Transfers?

    We will assist right the way through the transfer process so that moves under your sole ownership in the shortest possible time. If you have any questions about transfers you can email us at You can also find out more about domain transfers.

  • Is Payment Secure?

    Your purchase transaction is encrypted using 256-bit SSL. Your credit card details are not transmitted to, or stored on, our servers. Currently we accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. For larger transactions we are happy to use upon request. Learn More

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